Nova Surface Care Centre Pvt. Ltd.(NSCC) is an independent Research and Development organization working towards advancement and technological innovations. Our research efforts are directed towards the chemical processing of functional nanomaterial, which interfaces; material science with physics and engineering. We are active in research programs that address global challenges related to Paint & Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Construction Chemicals and Specialty Polymers & Emulsion.


The leaves of lotus plant not only repel water but also clean themselves. No dirt or mud can stick on it. The Paint that provides super hydrophobic surface and dirt particles can hardly get a hold on them and are, therefore, removed by rain or by a simple rinse in water is known as self cleaning- lotus effect paint.
Anti Finger Print coating is an alcohol-based 1K coating material for Metal Surfaces. It an almost invisible, thin film, which protects the metal surface against corrosion and against oxidative attack caused by finger prints and hence reduces their visual perceptibility. Fingerprints can be removed easily, without tarnishing of the treated surface.
A nano-structured super-hydrophobic material that provides easy roll of water from the windshield exteriors during the rain. It provides excellent visibility in wet weather driving. The materials has excellent adhesion with glass substrate an its tough enough to prevents from scratch or any mechanical damages. Hence provides long time durable performance.
These coatings are based on high and low refractive index (two layer optical design) layers having reflection minima at different wavelengths on plastic lenses and sheets for better viewing purposes. Although plastics are transparent, some amount of light (10% or more) is not entering into our eyes due to surface reflection.
Fillers are the integral part of any paint formulation. Besides the hiding, fillers also play a major role in the mechanical properties as well as the surface phenomenon of the paint film. All the above properties largely depend on the size and the surface chemistry of the fillers.
Hybrid coatings (super-hydrophobic as well as oleiophobic). It can be used as a transparent (invisible) top coat on any surface, right from painted Building walls, historical monuments, form finished concrete structures, railway coaches, Bus, car bodies etc.
One of the most known disadvantages of plastics is that they are not scratch resistant enough; as a result their optical properties are being deteriorated very quickly due to surface damage. This problem may be alleviated by coating the plastic surfaces (in the form of sheets, ophthalmic lenses or other shapes)...
A 3rd generation 2K resin system developed from silicone macro-monomers and specially designed hardeners from well balanced blend of functional silicones. When mixed in right proportion it cures at room temperature by Sol-gel mechanism forming nano silica net work in the acrylic domain providing inorganic-organic hybrid structure.
Petroleum based polymers are not degradable and, therefore, there is huge pile up of packaging polymeric materials causing plastic pollution, green house gas emission and endanger to wild life. Biodegradable polymer with suitable mechanical strength may replace the commodity plastics.
The use of chromates is toxic due to carcinogenic nature of chromium (VI). The environmental concerns dictate the elimination of current chromate-based surface treatment technologies and development of fundamentally new chromate-free coating systems that can provide long-term and environmentally benign corrosion protection.
A 2nd generation Epoxy and Epoxy-ester Polysiloxane resin designed from high temperature condensation of polysilsesquioxane and modified epoxy resin. This resin can be formulated to give high heat and corrosion resistant paint for muffler, chimneys, ovens, offshore and marine structures.


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